Boeing and Air China Biofuel test.

Boeing and Air China are planning a second plant oil Biofuel flight. PetroChina will be the fuel provider for this much longer trip than the first one by Air China and provably trans-Pacific.
Stephen Emmert, Boeing's regional director of bio-fuel strategy team for China and North America said: "The project aims to prove that China produced bio-fuels works and to ensure that regulators and airlines around the world are comfortable using them for commercial flights."

The flight will involve using a PetroChina-produced bio-fuel from locally grown jatropha, using oil form the plant seeds. China has a big potential for growing the plant in big amounts.

Marck Allen, head of Boeing's China operations said on the last International Air Transport Association meeting in Beijing that China like the rest of the world has a very real need of cleaner fuels. And, abut China he said: "They have an economic scale that many parts of the world cannot match. And, they have fast growing technological capability that will allow them to be on the forefront on these initiatives."

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